Winter is Coming

In Upstate New York, hibernation mode is in full effect; Thanksgiving is over, the holidays are upon us, and so is the cold. So what better time to share some memories of my travels, while I'm enjoying a warm cup of coffee. As the first snowfall allure hasn't quite worn off, it's fitting that I begin with some winter images; though I will be sure to get some summer photos ready for mid-February, when the slush and bitter cold will have worn off its welcome, and we will need reminding of the warm weather and summer experiences that await.

Recently, my fiance, Chris and I made a trip to New Hampshire to visit his family. During our travels, the southern Vermont mountains provided lovely views as the snow started to fall. The calmness portrayed in these photos do not accurately display my white-knuckling of the camera as I took them. Though the slow driving speeds did allow for ample photo opportunities!

The scenic route peaks at this mountain-top gift shop, and on a clear day, the patio offers magnificent views. This day was mostly cloudy, with some flurries.

While in Ossipee, New Hampshire we decided to pay a visit to a local Meadery which is an amazing place that creates honey wines. A thing I didn't even know existed! If you're interested, you can visit their website.

Thank You for visiting!

jen Cleveland Freelance Photographer

#winter #newhampshire #roadtrip

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