Unicorn Birthday Surprise

i THOUGHT A SPARKLY UNICORN BIRTHDAY WOULD BE FUN TO PLAN AND PHOTOGRAPH FOR MY BLOG: If you ever want to throw a unicorn themed birthday party, you've come to the right place. This event was my best friend Lilly's 31st birthday!

I opted for E-invites and made my own in photoshop:

I found a Unicorn Mad Lib Story and printed it for an interactive game with everyone, we went around the room until all categories were filled in - and of course a unicorn birthday party isn't complete without a pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn game from amazon.com!

I found a unicorn name chart on Pinterest, printed & displayed it for guests to find their unicorn nametag:

Card-stock name tags for personalized cups were completely hand made by me, free-handed with gold sharpie and colored pencil.

the paper products from orientaltrading.com really brought the theme home:

A birthday party isn't complete without a Happy Birthday banner, and spiral unicorn decorations! #orientaltrading

I ordered a plain white cake from Market 32 and decorated it myself with unicorn colored frosting and accessories. I watched a tutorial on how to pipe the unicorn mane with homemade frosting and purchased the eyelashes and horn from amazon.com

I used neon food coloring, but you wouldn't know it from this picture - I was rushed when coloring the frosting and wish I used more food color for more saturated colors. but otherwise .

For the dining room table in my Aunt's Sunroom, we displayed silk roses with dahlias (amazon), and the stargazer lilies from a local market.

For the menu and 10 people, we served brunch with breakfast pizza, ham and cheese croissants, silver dollar pancakes, cheeses, fruit and frittata. For beverages, we served up a variety of K-Cups, tea, water, ginger ale, juice, and mimosas.

In the end, everything came together so well and I was so happy to treat my bestie to a delicious brunch. I couldn't have done it without the group effort in preparing all the food and setup.

Lilly always goes the extra mile for her friends and clients to make them feel special, so we wanted to show our appreciation to her in return - Happy birthday Lilly!

#diy #birthday #brunch #unicorn #events #food #homemade #breakfast

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